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By the middle of the last century the agricultural production in Serbia was gradually passing from an extensive way to the intensive way of production. It was especially ex- pressed in cattle breeding by changing the race and increasing the number of cattle. Pri- mitive races of domestic cattle are replaced by the cattle of a purer breed.

This new breed structure enables an intensive production which points out to the need toward a more serious keeping up with the condition of the cattle especially with contagi- ous diseases.
For that reason the government of the People`s Republic of Serbia brought the Regula- tions on the foundation of veterinary diagnostic stations in six towns of Serbia on 22.03.1952. ("Official Gazette" no. 11).
One of the towns was Pozarevac. On the basis of the mentioned Regulations a department of the diagnostics for contagi- ous and parasitic diseases was formed as a part of the livestock-veterinary station in 1953.

A year later it turned into an independent diagnostic station. After ten years of its independent work, it joined to the Centre for the development of agriculture Pozarevac in 1964 working together until 1969. That year the diagnostics sta- tion integrated with the Veterinary institute - Belgrade and remained in that integration until 1988.
After separating from the Veterinary institute-Belgrade, it works as an independent in stitution under the name the Regional veterinary institute "Pozarevac".
By adopting the Law about veterinary medicine in 1991.("Official gazette"37/91) the Regional veterinary institute "Pozarevac"becomes a state institution and runs the business under the name the Veterinary specialistic institute "Pozarervac" until now although by the new Law about veterinary medicine in 2005. ("Official gazette" 91/05) a new name was anticipated: Veterinary-specialistic institute "Pozarevac"



  • Veterinary activities: 
  •  laboratory tests and clinical diagnostics 
  • diagnostics of infectious diseases of animals 
  • control of food and feed safety 
  • wholesale trade services of veterinary drugs and medical devices for veterinary use 
  • treatment of medical waste
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